Name: Quita
Kennel name: Stroll's Querida
Birth: November 12th, 2005
Deceased: June 24th, 2010

This page celebrates Quita's life in photos and captions.

The following images are placed in chronological order, with the latest being on top.
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May 19, 2010

Quita's last image

This is the very last image that I took of Quita.
She's enjoying a treat in Hamburg, where we spent another great week.
She's wearing a brand new collar that we bought for her in a local pet shop.
She did, of course, help to pick it out.

February 05, 2010

Lets do something

Quita is giving me her usual "Dad, lets go do something fun"-look.
How is it possible to resist this look? You tell me!
Ten minutes later, we were outside, engaged in a snow-fight :-)

December 24, 2009

Santa Quita

Quita made a tradition of wearing her "santa" costumeduring christmas eve.
It consisted of a red scarf, a bell, and her winning smile


May 26, 2009

First trip outside Scandinavia

Quita takes her first trip abroad, as far as Hamburg, Germany. Here, at one of an insane amount of parks where dogs have their own areas to run and socialize in. Why o why is this so hard to get right in Norway??

September 14, 2008

First studio shot

Quita's first photo studio shot. This is my favourite image of her, bar none.

May 6, 2008

A flash of sun

On the first day of more than 20°C Quita is looking a little thin. We need to work out more!!

February 9, 2008

Looking up

At a cabin up in the mountains (Skeikampen, Gausdal). Over 3 years old now.

February 2, 2008

Wild snowrunner

Quita is always willing to "run as a model" when her owner needs to check out the camera skills.

April 27, 2007

Angles and Ears

The first day in 2007 with a decent summer temperature. Quita is in our backyard playing with a bouncing tennisball.

March 17, 2007

Grown dog

She is now fully grown and eager as ever to do some real work.

February 27, 2007

Danger dog

Quita never quite understood the "look dangerous" thing.

September 23d, 2006

No big news, just a long time since the last image

Do I really need a reason to post an image of Quita? :)

May 17th, 2006

Another first: Constitution day among the parades

As a precaution to this, we equipped Quita with a grime, in case she'd panic. She's closing in on 40Kg's now (88 pounds) and is becoming too strong to hold back in case she panics. The grime proved to be needless though.. Quita was a little weary of the bands playing music, but handled the crowds very well. This image was taken from the parade street, as you can see it was raining as well, making matters fairly challenging for her (she doesen't like rain alot). We also equipped her with a device that squishes water on her snout whenever she feels like barking.

April 7th, 2006

Spring comes for a second time

Second spring around, and Quita is healthy and full of joy. She is a bucket full of energy and simply loves to jump around in the snow, pretending to be hunting for something? I now have a much better suited camera for capturing images of her on the run, and I intend to use it widely...

March 2d, 2006

The Joke

Quita listens patiently as I try to explain that joke that I just told...
Looks like nobody got it...

December 31th, 2005

Happy new years!!

Quita and Arthur (on the image) are becoming the best of friends since they first met in Fetsund during those gathering walks on tuesdays. Arthur lives nearby, and we often walk together with him. He's a Jack Russel, and not only that, I am a firm believer that he must be french! Just look at what Quita and him are doing there - A normal dog would go hide under the table during new years eve, with all the noise and rockets flying about, but these two.. I say no more. Let the images speak for themselves!!

November 20th, 2005

Quita goes to her first dog exposition

The Norwegian kennel club arranged their annual "all breeds" exposition in Hamar this year, which is not more than around an hour and a half's drive from our place, so we took Quita with us to see it. Over 4500 dogs in all were at the exposition, making it an immense experience for Quita. We quickly found the dobermann ring, where we caught alot of nice images of dobermanns, so many, in fact, that we snuck out to the back, and took this image of her in secrecy together with Odd, the representative from Kennel Stroll's.

November 12th, 2005

Quita's very first birthday!

Quita's finally reached her first year, and is turning out to become a very, very fine looking young dobermann. She got a one meter long (3ft) chewing bone as present, and she simply loved it. Of course, we took her out into the free and open, where she could run around freely and happily. All in all, it was her day this day, and both she and us hope for many, many more to come! Happy birthday, Quita! Look at her special birthday pose :)

September 8th, 2005

Advanced training begins

Quita went to dog school already as a puppy (see basket image below), but she's been so hyperactive that her attention span was not good enough for the training to stick. Finally, after two basic classes, we're now at the next stage - advanced classes, where she's learning to walk in the public, always keeping attention to her handler (on the Image, Bergfrid)

August 16, 2005

Quita's first gathering

The meeting of July made us realize the importance of social interaction with other dogs, so we teamed up with a very nice gang from Fetsund that simply meet up on tuesdays to walk their dogs together. Quita, who has always been afraid of the water, carefully follows the other dogs and learns that water isn't really as dangerous as she thought...

July 30th, 2005

Quita meets other dobermans for the first time

After a few posts in the norwegian boards, we got to agree to meet with some of the other dobermann owners for a shootout. Pedro had just bought himself a new lens (50-500mm sigma) and was keen to try it out on running dogs. The images themselves never turned out to be anything spectacular, but for Quita, this was a turning point in her life, as she had her first chance to socialize and get to know other dogs of the same breed as her.
Here, she rests in the forest, exhausted from all the play with the other dogs.
Quita resting

March, 3d, 2005

A sad farewell with Bella

Just weeks before Bella (on the right) dies, a wonderful oppurtunity to record the livelyhood and friendship arose in Egersund, where we spent easter for a week. Quita picked up alot from Bella, and had some nice months together with her before Bella finally died. They were the best of friends, and Quita was aparently confused by her absence in the weeks that followed.
Quita and Bella

January, 2005

First image of Quita

The very first image taken of Quita, as she's sitting inside an IKEA basket, wondering if she likes this new house or not. She's just left the den back at Kennel Strolls, where she was bought after long scrutiny of her owner.
Quita, the basket
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